About Us

We are ART & COLOR a digital marketing agency, created to take the image of your business or company to the next level; It was born to cover the needs of those companies that are taking their first step as well as for those companies or businesses that are already interacting with their audience or clients and want to scale higher levels and be at the forefront of technology.

Who Are We

We are a Digital Marketing Agency, created to meet the needs of small and medium businesses and scale them to a higher level with technology and thus be able to grow their audience, maintaining a closer relationship with customers in a sustainable way, and grow in the long term with results in the present.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the corporate image of medium and small businesses to a higher level, giving them the opportunity to be scalable in the short and long term with results to the present.

Our Services

Graphic Design

Create designs for books, magazines, CD covers, posters, brochures, business logo design, custom stationery, catalogs, business cards, sketches and even the printed designs some shirts wear.

Web Design

Web design is an activity that consists of the planning, design and implementation of websites. A web designer is concerned with how to create and develop a web page, as well as how customers interact with it.

Corporate Design

Corporate Design represents the visual identity of a company, a fundamental element to define the image, communication style and personality of a brand. 

Social Media

These social platforms create virtual communities in which there is room for companies and brands. The audience of these networks is increasingly active and not only receives information, it also generates it.


It is a set of optimization techniques for sites, blogs and pages on the web, to achieve good positions on the results pages of Google may be more within your reach than you imagine.

Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy is one of the most challenging steps in the marketing plan process, but it is an important step in creating the company’s brand.

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